If you're not utilizing Social Media to market your business; you're missing out on tons of opportunity! Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are all channels that provide platforms to an enormous audience.

My Personal Marketer makes it easy for you! Whether you already have one or not; we will create a Facebook page for your business, a Google+ page, a Twitter page and YouTube page; all custom designed and set up with SEO! Overall, this will give your business more presence on Google, Bing and Yahoo ... and add credibility to your business.

It doesn't stop there! We provide Social Media Marketing 365 Days A Year. We provide you with perpetual marketing!



We create and design custom ads that keep your name in front of potential customers and drive traffic to your website. We design all text ads to be used on sites that only allow for text ads.

We make sure your custom designed ads are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and placed on ad sites that will ultimately provide your business with maximum online exposure.



Not only do we create custom designed ads, we place ads all over the internet! There are dozens of Classified sites that will provide your business with added exposure. We make sure that all of your ads are placed only on sites (and sections of these sites) that are relevant to your company. In other words, we're not going to place your ad in a section for bankruptcy ... unless of course you're a bankruptcy lawyer!

We give you M.O.R.E. --- Maximum Online Relevant Exposure!



We write and submit two Press Releases per year to multiple websites (more are available for an additional fee). Press Releases give your business added credibility and presence since they tend to show up on the first page of Google.

Whether you have a new product, service your business is having a grand opening for a new location ... submitting press releases help give your business a massive boost!



My Personal Marketer will create 2-4 video ads that will be used to help market your business and/or a specific product. Video advertising has proven to be a viable and powerful way to market online; capturing the audience's attention and converting them to customers.

These video ads will be placed and posted on various websites including Facebook and YouTube. Videos accompanied by the proper SEO tend to show on page one of Google as well! Again, these ads will be consistently marketed year-round!



Included in our vast array of advertising and marketing; we provide article marketing. We will write and submit two articles per year to various websites. These articles will essentially revolve around your business, attributes, history, etc.

Bottom Line ... We Aim To Make Your Business Shine!




With My Personal Marketer ... it's just as the name implies. You'll be working with one person; not multiple employees at a large impersonal corporation! Rest assured, we take your business personal. We're always just a phone call or email away, and always available to our clients.

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