10 Ways to Get Free Advertising on Google

Starting a small venture is a hard thing to do, isn’t it? You will think of what your business is all about. How customers will know you and your product. As an entrepreneur, you will think of your ways on how you can market your own products. Can it be a promotion? Yes, of course! But how can it be possible if an online promotion can cost you thousands of dollars. It is heart-breaking, right? Especially when your platform is in a big company like Google. You can lose your capital in just paying a short advertisement. Sounds really bad? Maybe you are now devastated and not sure if you will continue this one.

But let me give you some tips on how you can release your advertisement on Google without spending a lot. Wouldn’t you like that?

1. Use Google to Function Local Search

Whenever customers search for something related about your product or your brand your website will pop up on suggestions on the Google search bar. Suggestion sounds like an easy advertisement, right?

2. Write Related Blogs in the Comments of Blogs

As a creative and mindful entrepreneur, you can write your own written advertisement in a comment section of a blog related to you. Because you’re the one knowledgeable about your own products you can suggest, promote and describe your products in there.

3. Answer Questions & Inquiries

It’s not bad that you help the person who is looking for the answer to the question, right? Why not answer their question in a way that they will be tempted to check your products out or better if you can make them buy it too. Not too obvious but brilliant advertising technique.

4. Publish Your Blog Post

As what I’ve mentioned earlier, an entrepreneur can be creative too. You can also promote your business through your own blog. Aside from commenting to the blogs of other people, why not create yours? In this blog, you can write every detail about your business. Since, you are the owner of the business you can write every detail that customers will ask and will look for.

5. Sending Flyers & Brochures

Entrepreneurs have a lot of colleagues that they can send email containing their flyers and brochures with very creative designs containing their products to promote it to them. Because it is a personal message for them it will not be covered by other advertisements, and they will focus more on it.

6. Host a Giveaway

You can give freebies whenever customers of yours buy in bulk. If you give them freebies, they will constantly buy that certain amount that can add much in your earning. They can give their freebies to their loved ones to try it to. It is like hitting birds in one stone, right? Earnings plus a free advertisement, sounds very good to your ears.

7. Create Video Presentation on YouTube

Some customers use YouTube to look for their wants. Some of them are fond of watching product functions and details because they found reading boring. Having your own video presentation on YouTube is like having a free advertisement in there.

8. Offer Interview on Other Business Advertisement

Offering an interview on other business is like not exactly saying that you’re asking help from them. Being an entrepreneur like you, it is certain that they will help you in that simple way because like you they start up small. When you appear in several interviews with their trusted brand, their customers will want to try your products also because they trusted the brand you were associated with in the interview.

9. Host an Event

Events like keeping our world clean and green are like music to the ears of every customer. So if you are going to host something related to that one, customers will think that your business is a good example of business to promote and help you grow in the way that they market your business’ product. It is also a way to establish your good reputation to your customers and future customers.

10. Encourage Customers to Leave a Positive review

Positive reviews from customers can boast other customers’ encouragement to buy a product. When they read something really positive about your products from other customers they will be tempted to buy one and tell them to other people for you.