Free Google Tools for Ranking Small Business

Many people use Google daily to look for the things they want to know. But Google is more than a search engine that we can use for our searches. It can also be great for your business. You know why? Because it has Google tools that can help you improve the visibility of your business, grow your website and advertise you to your potential customers. But how can these tools help and what are the Google tools you can use to get your business successful? In this blog, I will give you examples of free Google tools that can help you for ranking your small business.

1. Google My Business

It is a tool provided by Google to businesses for them to be seen in local searches and Google Maps. But this only applies when your business has a physical location. It’s good that your business is listed here as it helps to improve your visibility on Google and build trust with your potential customers. Because when your business is on Google, it’s possible that customers will build trust in your business because they trust the search engine where you can be found. In this way, you have the chance to elevate your rank in Google for potential customers to see you.

2. Google Forms

This is a tool through which you can create different types of documents such as word, presentation and excel partners with Google Drive where your created documents can be saved. It can greatly help your business grow. Since it’s free to use, you can maximize how you can use it. You can even make a letter of invitation to your potential customers. You can also provide them with flyers containing your business offers. You can even collect their responses and feedback about your products.

3. Google Keep

It is like a digital notebook where you can record everything about your business. You can plan ahead of time about what you want to do or change in your business. The beauty here is that you can access it anytime and anywhere. You can also leverage it to be accessible to people related to running your business. This will make your plans even more organized and you can be sure that your documents will not lose.

4. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

One of the criteria for Google to rank a site or business that is registered to it is your ability to quickly monitor and give service to its users. It is a tool by which the mobile-friendliness of a website was tested. It will check what your website looks like when it comes to mobile phones and how quickly it can be used when mobile phones are used. You will also find a list of possible issues that they see on your website why it is not mobile-friendly. As a result, you have a chance to correct what’s wrong with your website.

5. YouTube Live

This was formerly known as Google Hangouts which is now owned by Google. This is a tool that is available for live-streaming for free. It has a chat box where you can quickly find live feedback from your customers. With this tool you can easily read feedback so that you can advertise your products and answer your customers’ possible questions and inquiries. It can also help customers learn more about the service or products you offer. Because you engage your customers directly, there is a great chance they will get to know you and visit your website. You can also send its link to customers who have questions but do not reach live.

6. Google Trends

Many customers buy products based on what other people often buy because they think it’s good to buy products that other people have already proven and tested. This tool will help you a lot because it shows what products and services people are looking for worldwide. You find the latest trends by specific country or category. You will also learn how a product trends based on a topic. This will allow you to discover new ideas on what products and services you can offer online and create content to quickly identify your site and business. It will be an edge to you to your competitors because you know what your potential customers want.

7. Google PageSpeed Insights

When a customer opens a website, he would likely to close a website if this loads slowly. PageSpeed Insight will help you to know your score for your speed on both mobile and desktop. They also offer ways to speed up the loading of your website. This will help you find a way on how you can increase your sites loading speed. With this, more customers will be happy to browse on your website, and they will take longer to browse on it because they will find no difficulty in loading its content. It’s also possible to increase your rankings on Google because speed is one of Google’s ranking factors.

8. Google Alerts

If you think that notifications are not helping your business to grow, you are making a mistake. These tools like Google Alert can help you stay up to date on what’s happening on your website. It provides automatic emails containing information when a potential customer searches topics related to you. As a result, you will know what changes you can make to your content and how you will appear next on top search results when a customer searches that topic. It also provides reviews from your customers about your products. It is a room for improvement and possible opportunity.

9. Google Search Console

Your rank in Google will increase when a potential customer hits the exact keyword that hits your website. The search console can help you with this. It will provide you data that contains the exact keywords of how a customer searches your website. It will also give you alerts when Google takes action against you that may lower your rank. With this tool you can easily fix issues that Google has found on your site so that you can fix them for further consideration. The more you know what keywords your customers used to find your site, the more you know that you should never remove it.

10. Google Shopping Insights

It is somehow similar to trends but it gives results about product popularity and trends. This can be a great help to you as you know what products you should raise stocks or what products you should remove from your website. The more trendy and popular the products and services you are to offer the more potential customers can visit your website and order your products and services.