Google My Business Posting (Study at MOZ)

If you are not aware, Google has a feature called Google My Business. From the name itself, this is for businesses. You might be wondering… how is it important for businesses? Well, having your business listed on business is quite a big achievement.

To enjoy the benefits of Google My Business listing, you should maximize it and provide all of its required information. By providing all the needed information, Google can give you FREE exposure to potential customers with your business name, address, phone number, operating hour’s ratings, photos, and a brief description of you, just by showing all of the search results. Imagine being able to do that just for free.

What makes Google My Business listing amazing is that Google considers it as a local ranking factor. In fact, Google My Business signals are the most important ranking factor for local pack rankings. Remember, verifying your location is NOT enough. You have to complete your information. Make sure to frequently check your dashboard for any unwanted updates and provide updated information always to keep your business active on GMB.

All I say is to maximize. But how could you actually do it? There are a few ways to do so. First, list your business. Provide your business NAP – name, address, phone no. You can input the email for additional contact information. It’s good to provide what category your business is in. Adding photos and videos are ideal too! Giving them the capability to reserve an appointment and engaging with customers via reviews and messages should be done as well.

But a powerful way of driving potential customers to your business is adding some Google My Business posts from time to time. Posting on Google My Business is like having mini-ads for your offered products or services. Sounds interesting? Well, here are what you can post on Google My Business:

  • What’s new
  • Events
  • Product
  • Offer

To fully optimize your free advertisement, GMB Posts allow you to provide some CTA (Call-to-Action) button to give your potential customers some choices on what to do after viewing your post. Here are the CTA options you can put on your post:

  • Order Online
  • Book
  • Buy
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Get Offer
  • Call Now

Posts are a combination of images and text, which gives you the chance to create interesting content.  It’s ideal to do posting regularly. You can do it every seven days and such. Posting is a good way to market your business your way at the moment. People would be able to see what’s up with your business and what your latest offer.

Your post would be seen by the audience in two ways: either by searching your business name or by clicking your Google My Business Profile. To step up your posting game, you can share it on social media sites and applications for wider range exposure.

Be wise about choosing what to put in your content. A post’s sneak peeks only show 100 words and the whole content can only be fully viewed when the viewer clicks the post. So, be mindful of what to put as your first 100 words. They should be interesting, useful, and surely makes sense.

But before you go to your dashboard and start creating posts, you should take some things to consider; and here they are:

  • Make sure it’s high-quality content

You certainly don’t want to shoo your audience away with some nonsense content. Make sure you provide them useful and relevant content. Avoid grammatical errors, misspells, and other errors that might make your potential customers lose interest.

  • Only post links to trustworthy and credible sites
  • Keep your content respectful
  • Make your posts family-friendly

Keep your content available for all family members. Avoid explicit content, it wouldn’t just make your potential customers hate you, you can also get your business in danger from its ranking.

All in all, Google My Business has a lot to offer in terms of helping you maximize your business on local ranking, and posting is one of them. It may not be the strongest weapon you could use to market your products or services, but it can surely give a helping hand to help you get boosted in your ranking!