Google Reviews: How Many Reviews Do Businesses Need?

What are Online Reviews?

Online reviews are used to provide you your customer’s feedback and comments about a certain product or website. They can express this using words or they can use star ratings. Whatever kind of comments you should include on your page as it can greatly help with the development of your site. This will help you make your decision on how to make improvements to your site.

What are the Advantages of Online Reviews?

This helps to increase the credibility of your website. As more positive reviews from customers increase the trust of your other customers and potential customers. Your rank in the competition between your competitors will also increase. The more positive reviews, the more engaged customers are. You can earn more sales and profits than your competitors within the same market you have. It will also help you to develop engagement and good relationships with your customers. Through reviews you can contact your customers about their concerns. You can also easily solve and find out which problem they encountered.

The Question is How Many Reviews Do Businesses Need?

To tell you honestly there is no specific or exact number of reviews that a business needs. It’s not that if you have a few reviews, you will lose customers. It is also not about if you get a lot of reviews, you will have more customers. When a business starts, it only needs at least 5 reviews to get the star rating on each site. But many reviews also have an edge because the more reviews you have, the greater the chance to appear at the top of local searches. Google Seller Rating can help you show ad campaigns or to promote you when you have 150 unique reviews with at least a 3.5-star rating. This is not based on the volume of reviews, it is based on how unique each review with a high star rating. According to research, a customer needs 10 reviews to read to trust a business. It still depends on the content of its reviews and ratings. Customers spend time reading reviews before deciding to buy a product. They need positive and recent reviews to start trusting a product.


But Why is it Important to receive that a Lot of Recent Reviews with Good Star Ratings? How Will this Affect Your Business?

Most customers don’t just read reviews, recent and positive reviews are important to them as well. Because they think that old reviews are not valid enough to trust, they think that new reviews are more credible and valid. They also look at the star rating of your business because sometimes customers do not read the content of the reviews. Just by looking at the star rating they can identify if they should trust a business or not. Higher and more star ratings make it easier for them to trust a business to buy a product here.

It’s not just about how many customers who give their reviews. It also gives you the chance to know what are their experiences about your site. The best way to attract more customers is to give them the best experience they can receive online. Because once they prove that the services you provide them are good, they don’t need the proof of anyone else because they know what you can offer them.