How Local Businesses Can Improve Their SEO: Tips to Rank On Google?

In the internet world today, one of the leading and trusted search engines for most people is Google. Perhaps because of this, we find everything we want to know in the world in any aspect. Be it politics, industry, education, technology etc. So it’s probably not surprising that even in the field of business, Google is the one people still trust. They think that just by appearing and being certified by Google they can trust a certain business. They are somehow not mistaken. So it is a great advantage for an entrepreneur when their business is visible here. But what would happen if you found all the businesses here? It can’t cover you and your business name.

Don’t worry, we have SEO to make your business better known in Google. As you optimize your usage, I am sure that more customers will know your business and increase your visibility in the search engine. But what is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website for easy search on a search engine like Google. Every business wants to grow their SEO because this is a way they see their customers grow. Because when they are the first business to appear on Google search list, customers will think that they are the most suggested business they are looking for in the keyword. It is also a way of advertising so that they can quickly gain the trust and taste of their customer.

Here are 10 tips to improve your SEO:

rank on google

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the techniques used before writing your content on your business website because this lets you know what your customers typically search for in your business. The more accurate your content keywords are, the more likely you are to appear at the top of the search result.

2. Standardize Your Business Name

You must have consistency in your business name, it is not applicable to have different business names on different websites. Because when Google discovers your business name is different, it will reduce the trust and validity of your business.

3. Share on Social Networks and Build Links

Google is not only the online platform on the internet, you can promote your business on other online platforms as well. This means that more customers will be able to identify your business, and it is highly likely that they will also search Google for your business to validate. The more curious you get, the more they will search, and the higher rank you will have on Google.

4. Maximize the Use of Voice Search

The more a voice search is used by the customer, the more chance to increase your rank on Google. The more likely he is to say the words that refer to your page the more chance that you will be the first result to appear in the search list. So it is good to use a conversational tone in your content to help your customers know what they really want to know.

5. Get Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Sometimes not only sales customers give you, they sometimes increase the trust of other customers like them. More positive reviews, the more customers will click on your page.

6. Create content to show Corporate Social Responsibility

Customers now prefer companies that help society, so when they find out that you are actively helping your society. They are more likely to choose products or services from you.

7. Make Your Site Available on Mobile Phones

Your website is also better accessible to mobile phones as more people now use their phones to sign up in Google. The more accessible you are the more people are able to use the greater visibility in Google.

8. Create an Accurate Title

The more concise and accurate your content titles are online, the more your customers will know what your website content is. The titles should be the keywords you’re targeting to increase traffic. 

9. Create a Specific Web Page for Each product

It is easier for customers to find the products they want to buy if each product has a specific website because when your products come together on one website they may be confused and exit on your web page.

10. Create and Optimize Google My Business Account

It will increase your visibility and authenticity in Google. By optimizing this, you have a big possibility to appear on Google’s right sidebar. As a result, you can be found easily by your clients.