How to Get Found in Google?

You might be thinking that getting on Google doesn’t take much work… but sadly, no. If you want your website, business, media, or anything to be easily found on Google, you need to make a move.

How to get found in google

1. Submit it to Google

Give Google some heads up. Submitting your site, content, etc. to Google will speed up its indexing process. There are varieties to choose from if you want to submit your site in Google. If you have…

2. Keywords

Keywords, hence the term, are the key to your site’s success. Keywords are like a gateway from potential customers to your site. If you use the perfect keyword, you’ll get lots of customers in no time. Keywords are typically phrases you put in a site’s content and SEO settings, that are also commonly searched by people. The more your keywords and people’s searches match, the closer your website will appear.

In choosing the right keywords, you need to think about how your potential customer will search. If you are the customer, what will you exactly search for? The closer, the better. You can research for better knowledge about the perfect keywords in regards to your topic. Put it throughout your content to make it quite obvious for Google and they will surely put it up whenever someone searches your topic.

3. Provide Link Trail

Promote your site! If you are lucky to have famous or professional friends, you may ask them to boost and promote your sites to one of their pages. Ask for shout-outs on their blogs. You can do self-love too! Post it on all of your social media accounts. Or better yet, include it in all your posts. A small step like this may end up big! Slowly, you’ll get more audience and make your site more known!

4. Make it mobile-friendly

Nowadays, people tend to use cellphones more. They are portable, easy to use, and lighter than your desktop. Cellphones are more flexible and you can use it to browse anywhere and anytime as long as you have a stable connection. Potential customers wouldn’t like to view sites that get cut just because it’s not mobile-friendly. Make sure your website is accessible to smartphones. Also, keep it aesthetically pleasing in any mode it will be seen. 

5. Include Meta Tags

Meta tags aren’t actually seen by searchers. This is a description of what the website is about. It is included in the page’s source code. This is used to know your website’s content.