How to Get Your Business on Google's Right Sidebar?

As an entrepreneur, we want to be the first thing customers think of when they want to buy product or service services, right? It’s better to feel like you’re always the first one in their choices. Especially when your business is online you want it when a customer signs up, you are the very first Google to offer. But how could that happen?

To do that you need to be able to access Google’s right sidebar. But what is the Google right sidebar and how can your business get that special feature?

But before that, what is Google’s right sidebar?

Google’s right sidebar also called a “knowledge panel” displays information from Google’s knowledge graph. It is not limited to display business listings but it also produces information about a specific system within a specific group. For example, it can provide nutrition facts of a certain product they search but it comes in a more convenient way. Summary of information about a product appears on the right side of Google even before you click on the website for outgoing results. Customers can easily see and understand what they want to know. Instead of searching other websites, they can now click the right sidebar for additional information they want to know.

But how does it work when it comes to business and how does it help your business?

When you appear on Google’s right sidebar, you are like advertising your own business without them noticing that you are. Just keep in mind that when a customer searches for your business type, you will first appear on the right side of Google along with the basic information of your business. So when they get attracted and curious, they can go to your website to check on your products. Unlike when you are not on the Google sidebar, you will be stuck with results as a website and you will not be able to get the customer first because he has to check those websites one by one with the tendency that your customers will not be able to buy products on you first.

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How to Maximize Your Google Sidebar to Win More Customers?

You can add additional information like photos, posts, questions and answers, and review. This can target your customers so you can be sure that they are on your website. Also, it is a great way to advertise your business because a customer trusts the customers like him.

Since using the internet is open to all, why not use it for the growth of your business. You just need to use creativity and persistence to make things easier for you to make things happen.

But how can you get your business on Google’s right sidebar?

1. Create Google My Business Profile

You need to create your business profile for you to be able to showcase on Google Maps results and other local search results. Steps to create Google My Business Profile

Choose your Google business account and sign in

Like other platforms online, you need to have an account to register.

Locate your business: you need to find your business online

Enter your business’ type and location: this information is very important because this is the way where Google can put you on the map

Verify your business: Google needs to know if your business is valid and trusted. They need to know if your business is legal and you have papers to prove that your business is legal.

Set up your profile: in your last step, you need to complete the basic information about your business.

2. Requirement

After creating your Google My Business Profile, you need to supply your basic information for Google’s right sidebar. 

Information needed:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Website
  • Operation hours
  • Business category
  • Description