How to Get Your Website Noticed on Google for Free?

Creating a website and listing your business can be an easy piece of work. It’s a matter of time, patience, and uprightness. Now, let’s assume that it already exists; it does not immediately mean that it will get noticed by Google. There are LOTS of websites on Google thriving, aspiring, going down, or just barely starting. You shouldn’t just sit there and wait for your market to eventually rise. Your content won’t work if you just let it be. Do marketing.

If you are planning to make your website successful, you should make it stand out. How will your website be able to stand out and get noticed?

Here are some ways to help you get noticed by Google for FREE:

1. Register Your Business on Google

Check first if your business is registered. If not yet, do so. You can click this link to start. It will require you to provide your URL. After adding your business, verify it. Sign in your Google and look for Google Webmaster.  After doing this, look for “Add a property” or “Verify” button. 

There are different methods of verifying your website. It can be HTML file upload, HTML tag, DNS code, Google Analytics tracking code, Google Tag Manager container snippet, Google Sites, Blogger, Google Domains. 


2. Submit a Sitemap

 Submitting a site map would help Google to index your Website. A site map is a layout of your site, complete with all its pages. It helps Google to see if ever you’re making an update or changing something. 

To do this go to Google Search Console. Look for Crawl and then click Sitemaps. 

3. Create Unique Content

If you want your website to stand out, be creative. There are lots of websites that offer almost the same content and you have to keep that in mind. Think of ways to make different content. Make sure your contents are timely and relevant. Authenticity will pave the way. But of course, you should think of ways to make it useful, informative, professional or funny, and overall pleasing. 

Make sure to update regularly. Google would prefer websites with fresh content than those who are still stuck on some old content years ago. It’s more commendable to give Google a heads up than waiting for them to know it. You can do this by going to Google Search Console > Crawl > Fetch as Google. Type your URL and click Fetch and Render. Click Request Indexing. 

4. Start Link Building

Link building is another way to get your website noticed. It is building links between your website and someone else’s. This is essential because Google also checks your website’s validity and relevance. 

There are two types, regular link, and backlink. Regular links can be received through commenting on other people’s websites. To successfully link your website to others, make sure your profiles are correctly filled up and it includes your website’s URL. 

Time is ticking. There are lots of websites on the internet, and who knows if they have the same content with you? So, make a move and stand out. There’s no loss in trying because all of this is FREE. Good luck with your website!

3. Check Website's Responsiveness

You can say that a website is responsive if it can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets aside from a computer. If your website is mobile-friendly and can be viewed on smaller screens, Google will favor you more. 

Aside from that, make your website fast. If your website loads fast, it means it provides good quality service to your customers. Google checks the website to see those who provide fast service to its users.