How to Increase Your Visibility on Google

Different businesses create online websites because they want more people to see them. How can people recognize you if you are not existing? So the main goal of a website is to be noticed, see and identify in a search engine. Many businesses are creating websites within Google because they and their people trust the search engine. As a result, there’s a possibility that people will get to know them through Google. So most people ask, how to increase your visibility on Google?

1. Register Website with Google Search Console

It allows you to submit your website in Google for indexing. Its main purpose is to tell people that your website exists. Basically, once you’ve registered here there’s a chance for people to see your website.

2. User-friendly Website

Content is the first thing that can engage your visitors online. This content is what gives your web page life. When your web page doesn’t contain content, your visitors will have no information. But before they even get to the content, they first have to see the title of your content so this has to be accurate and precise here as this will give them an idea of what your content is all about.

3. Unique Content

One of the most important features that your content should have is uniqueness. Due to the large volume of information available to Google, it is possible that much of the content is similar to yours. This is needed to be different from others but there is still a big need for information that your visitors need to know about your website.

4. SEO-friendly Content

SEO helps you know how and how often you appear in the top search results of a search engine. So the words you use should target the search terms and keywords that your visitors may use. This will make it easier for your visitors or potential customers to see you.

5. Updated Content

Your content information needs to be updated regularly. Because the younger the person who reads your content the more trendy content they want. Updated content is more attractive to potential customers.

6. Use Online Platforms

It’s not possible to customize a website with the help of just one search engine. Let’s just say that Google is famous but it doesn’t mean that it caters to all potential customers. So it is better to use other social media platforms to increase your visibility.

7. Engage with Potential Customer

Interact with people who like and comment on your content. In addition they provide positive feedback that increases your visibility. They can also provide suggestions on things your website can improve.

8. Comment on Relevant Sites

Commenting is the best way to make engagement and build relationships with top bloggers related to your content. When you build a good relationship with them, they can give you tips on how to get better or better luck if they promote your website.

9. Use an Appropriate Image

It is helpful if you use images that help to improve your visibility on Google. Because there are people who understand things better when it comes to pictures. So the images you are going to use should be appropriate and relevant to your content because otherwise, instead of acting like a help, it might be a bit confusing as to what your content is about to convey.

10. Use Long-tail Keywords

Increasing your visibility on Google has a great connection to the content you have. Use words with a large scope. As the title says, it should be long-tailed. When a visitor enters search terms into the search bar, there is a high chance of not being exact in your content. But if the scope of the terms is wide enough, the greater the chance you have to catch what he or she is looking for. The more chances that your website will appear as a result.

11. User-friendly

With the number of gadgets coming out nowadays, your content should be accessible to other gadgets. Like mobile phones or tablets. Do not use the contents of the excessive size of data usage because not all users have an internet connection. So it is best to have your website installed and not so fast data connection so that you can cater to all kinds of users.

12. Increase Reputation & Make SEO Audit

More customers can be interested in your website or on your content if your website has a high reputation. So do everything you think would be best to bookmark your website. 

SEO Audit can help you find out areas you need to grow. Due to the ongoing trends in technology, your website is not always perfect. There is always room for improvement in everything.