How to Rank to the Top of Google Map Pack

Having a high rank in Google Maps means that your business will become more profitable, more recognizable and will have more potential customers. So as an Entrepreneur, you will create a way not just to get out of Google Maps but to get the top rank in Google Maps. But it won’t be easy, because there are so many ways on how you can do it.

Here are some tips on How to Rank to the Top of Google Maps Pack

1. Complete your Google Business Listing

How do you appear on Google Maps if your business is not registered with Google listing? So you must complete all the details required for it. It should not be taken lightly, it should be complete and accurate. Because Google prioritizes businesses with complete information registered to give customers all the information they are looking for. The more complete and accurate the information you submit to Google, the greater the chance they will give customers your website for a service or product and higher rank in the Google Maps Pack.

2. Use Main Keywords in Your Business Name

Since Google prioritizes the business that provides the best service to potential customers, you need to properly categorize what your business is about. Use a single keyword that targets your business precisely. After that you can add that in your business name for example, Valdez Accounting Firm, you use the keyword accounting so your potential customers can categorize immediately that you offer accounting services as they have already read in the name. If that is the exact service he is looking for, he will not hesitate to double-check your business location on Google Maps to see where your office is or to find out more information on your services.

3. Accurate Business Category

When you register your business with Google My Business Listing you have to fill up your business category there. In the primary category you have to put the exact service that your business offers. You can even add big city names where you offer your services. For the secondary category, you can write related categories pertaining to the services or products you offer. This will let Google know which category of searches, your site and business will be released. If you also place an exact place, where you offer services or products when a customer searched that keyword on Google, Google will provide your business to them. Your scope is more likely to be a big city because more possible customers can avail of your services through Google Maps.

4. Use a Local Phone Number

When you enter a telephone number in your Google Maps information make sure that the number can be called by your potential customer within the place. They will immediately know that you are in the same place when you have the same location code.

By doing this, Google Maps will also be able to verify that you truly provide products and services within the place so that your chances of having a higher rank in Google Maps are increased.

5. Responsive Business

As your customers can access your business online, as much as possible it is better if you are 24/7 accessible for them. Google wants to provide the best possible experience for its users, so they can elevate your rankings on Google Maps and other Google-related sites when you are able to respond and answer customer inquiries as fast as you could.

6. Fix Your Page

Arrange your page in such a way that all possible users and potential customers can browse. Get an SSL certificate that helps make your site load faster. The faster the load page of a site, the easier it is to access any gadgets especially on your phone. As a result, the more your site is accessible, the better chance you have a high ranking in Google Maps.

7. Updated Business Hours

When your business appears on Google Maps, it is best to include what time your business is open and closed apart from setting up its business information. Because when a potential customer searches for a business related to you, Google Maps will provide those locations close to them and open to give a service to. When Google Maps has verified that you are open for that time, it will release your business as a result. The more open your office or store is, the better chance your rank in Google Maps increased.

8. Maximize Your Business Description

Since you only have limited characters in your Google Maps description, it is better if you maximize the use of local SEO keywords because you can easily rank in the top rankings when customers search the exact search words you have. It is also a good idea if it is written in English, the universal language, for larger customers can access your site. More customers and site visits equals to high Google Maps rank.

9. Get More Reviews

Not just location and operating hours, Google Maps can also provide reviews from your customers. The more your site gets more reviews, you will be a candidate for Google Maps for higher rank. You can even ask your customers to give you their comments and reviews online for possible improvements.

10. Add Photos & Videos

Since Google Maps offers more on location, you can add photos for landmarks where your business is near. You can also put pictures of your customers and what you can offer at your office. The more exposure you have the greater chance of increasing your Google Maps rank.