How to Rank Your Business to the Top of Google?

If you want your business to get customers, there would be two ways to do so. It’s either from your friends, family, or customer’s recommendation or by having your business at the top page and top place of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page). If your business performance is great, recommendations and positive reviews will be easy to gain. The hard task is to rank first on Google. 

If you’re just a starter, you probably don’t know how to get your business on Google’s first page. You might think that having a website for your business or signing it up on Google My Business is enough, but no. And it’s also not true that only those “special” and well-known business can make it to the top. 

If you want to rank high, work yourself to the top. Google has a lot of things to consider before ranking a website. Here are some of the things you could do to make your business rank to the top of Google.

1. Right Keywords

Choosing the perfect keywords for your business plays a vital role in your Google ranking. Picking out will be difficult because it will define how competitive your business would be in terms of ranking. If you have a business place, you should have geographic-related keywords to help you boost your local search ranking. However, if you have a fully online business, you need to be picky in choosing the right keywords that will perfectly reflect your business.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Account

If you want Google to give credibility to your business, you might as well maximize your Google My Business account and complete all the required information for a better chance. You can do this by verifying your location via text, call, email, or mail. Also, make sure to manage and respond as quickly as possible to reviews. And lastly add some photos and videos to make potential customers see what your business can offer for them.

3. Three Main Basis of Google on Local Ranking

Google bases its local ranking results on three main factors, which are prominence, relevance, and distance. Google believes that these three factors will provide the best match for a searcher’s search. Prominence typically refers to how well-known a business is, be it offline or online. Relevance focuses on how related a search is from a business. This is where the complete information of your business takes action. Distance, by the term itself, calculates how far a searcher is from the business. So, you should make sure that the address you provided is exact and true.

Aside from these three, you can also put geographic-related keywords in your page’s title, links, and the main content. You can also list your business to local search directories to help your business boost in Google’s SERP.

4. Make Good-quality, Unique Content

Google makes sure to give the best, most useful, and relevant information to its users. To make sure you qualify in this, you have to keep your writing valuable. Make it useful for the searchers. Not only will it help your users but you’ll also get inbound links that will surely boost your rankings on Google. 

You should make sure that the grammar and spellings are all correct. Making it as concise as possible would give you a better chance. Aside from these, you should also make sure to avoid putting advertisements above the fold. It’s one of the factors that Google is taking into consideration in terms of ranking unless you’re generating from third-party advertising. 

5. Generate Backlinks

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), getting backlinks is essential, especially in local SEO. But remember, it’s better to have few quality backlinks that lots of backlinks but mostly are not credible enough. 

Paid backlinks and backlink scams are easily detected by Google. This will lower your website’s rank once it’s detected. So, make sure to avoid it. 

6. Maximize Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ are great places to get backlinks. In terms of search engine rankings, Google gives credence to these social media applications. To better promote your business and boost your ranking on Google, develop a social media marketing strategy. 

Getting in the top of Google rankings can be a difficult thing to do. But it’s not impossible! Just do these steps and you’ll get there in no time.