How to Reach More Customers on Google?

In today’s generation, the use of the internet is highly suggested for different functions. Because of its convenience and accuracy more and more people are relying on its use. Just like in the world of business, many entrepreneurs and tycoons are increasingly using online platforms to market their business. They market their business through online marketing. Online marketing is the process of using web-based channels to advertise their products and services. Due to the larger scope of social platforms, advertisements of their goods are easier for customers to access. Sounds good right? As a result, more and more people are starting their own business such as food, cosmetics, clothes etc. More competitors and more choices emerge for the people but less chance of them buying your product. As an entrepreneur with positivity and courage, you need to find a way on how you will reach and attract your customers.

1. Knowing Your Platform

Before setting up a business online you need to know which platform you will use. It can be social media, a website or even an app. For choosing your platform, it is highly recommended selecting a platform that will cover a high number of customers like Google.

Google is where we can find anything. In just one click, you can find everything you are looking for. For customers, it is like a big mall online where they can buy any stuff that they want. As an entrepreneur, it is a great opportunity for you to market your business on Google. To lighten you up, I will give you some reasons why it is better to set up your business on Google:

Because of Google’s flexibility, potential customers can find your business accidentally in different ways, when they get curious about it, they will scan your website to browse your products and success! You have your own customers now. Google is a trusted and recommended company for consumers to rely on. It is an advantage for your business to be found and searched in Google.

2. Attract Different Customers on the Platform

Here are some tips that you need to know to reach more customers on Google:

1. Select Widely-Used Products

Since Google is a big platform for different businesses, it is an advantage for you if you are selling useful products and widely-used products because customers prefer to buy products that are trusted by other people.

2. Attract with Images

Some customers are not fond of reading details of the products they want to buy, so it is better if you put attractive photos of your products. Make sure the quality of your images are good.

3. Keep Them Updated

You can customize your website with a notification bell to be able to update them when you are releasing a new product. It is easier for you to reach all of them when you have this function. So even if they do not visit your website, they will know that they have a new product to order.

4. Run Online/Offline Advertising

Using an advertisement is the most used way of reaching customers because it comes in different forms. It can be a photo or a video. It can also pop up anywhere, the more ads you are running the more customers on the internet will know you.

5. Use Google Suggest

It is beneficial for you if you are using Google suggest. Its function is to suggest your business in the search bar whenever a customer is looking for a product related to your business. Even if they are not exactly looking for your website there is a chance that they will go to you.

6. Create my Google Business Listing

Creating this will give you additional information and background on how your customers will reach you through different Google functions such as ads and maps. Seeing how customers used Google can be a great strategy for you to reach them. For example, in a certain group of people they always use Google Maps. You can run your ads there for them to see your website.

7. Make Your Promotions Shareable

Your own customers can also your living advertisement, when you reach their satisfaction on the products they buy they will personally tell their acquaintance to buy your products. They can also share your promotions online.


Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job especially when you are starting. But now it’s easier because there are platforms like Google that can help you grow your business. Cheer up! Make a way to make yourself a future business tycoon.