How to Show Up on Google Without a Physical Address?

You probably think that building a business online is a lot easier than building a physical business. Well, at some point you’re right. You can save more on expenses when your business is online. But just like building a physical business, it has its own processes. How can your customers identify you if your business does not have a physical address? They can’t even search your business on Google without this exact or permanent address. But don’t worry every problem has a solution. So don’t lose hope, you can still build your own business.

Here are some tips on how to become visible to Google even if you don’t have a physical address.

1. Enhance Your Google My Business Profile

This is the most effective way to make your business visible online, since you can’t provide your name and zip code for Google to verify your business. You need to have your Google listing information updated in order for your business to grow online. This way Google will know that your business is valid and trusted and it is a service business online so you will not be able to provide your business physical address.

List of the information you need to complete for the Google listing.

  • Name and contact information
  • Category and description
  • Photos (proof of service)
  • Possible questions and answers
  • Customer reviews
  • Posts

The first four information is the most important thing you need to submit on Google to validate your business. But the last two information which are customer reviews and posts are the most helpful not only for you to grow your business online but also one way to advertise your business too. When the reviews of your customers they provide are positive, your potential customers will increase your trust more quickly when they see your posts containing the actual pictures of your service to your clients.

2. Construct a Location-Specific Website Page.

Location-specific websites pages are like a service website that contains information about your business. But unlike other websites it is more dedicated to a specific place such as subdivision or a village. This means you provide services to a specific group of places such as a subdivision. So when a customer signs up for Google looking for a service for him, the name of your service business website appears in the search bar. In that case they will know that you can really provide service in their area. By doing so, even if your business does not have a physical address you can still be visible to Google because they know the specific location of the services you provide.

Contents of your Location-specific webpage.

Requirements and policies of the subdivision or village — your potential customers will be informed because they will know that you are indeed entering their place because you are complying with the requirements and you are following their subdivision policies.

Job description — they will know exactly what service you are offering so if they are looking for a service similar to yours they will know that they can call you.

Photos and testimonies — this will be your physical and valid proof that you can really provide the services to your customers in their place, and they will know the feedback of your customers whether you work well or not.

3. Run a Local Service Advertisement

Local service ads are advertisements that are just like regular ads. The only difference is that you will come out with services like yours unlike regular ads they appear with keywords that are connected to them.

Local service ads pop up at the very top of google search results. So once you have it, you’ll come up with the very first Google suggestions to the person who posted it. But it’s not that easy because it’s more expensive than traditional Google advertisements. But I know your money will not be wasted because once you have Google service ads you will get Google Guarantee. Which means, Google makes sure your service business is trusted and valid. Is it worth investing or not? What do you think?

4. Use Real Proof of Transactions

Photos and videos are examples of your proof that you provide services to your customers. You can post it on your website and on your Google listing. This will make your customers think that Google and the people you already provide service trusted your business. With more and more people searching for you online you can engage in frequent searches so potential customers will always find your business when they look for services like yours.

Having a business is not always about having a physical store or space for your business to grow. You can also have it online, especially now that online shopping and services are trending. It is now easier for customers to use it since everyone has access to the internet. All you need is hard work and determination to make your plan possible. As a saying goes, being patient and all can have good results.