Local Search Rank Factors

Having a top rank in the search results of a search engine is one of the substantial achievements of a website. But if you are new to this industry, your travel is still far from your goal. You need to move little by little. You should start first with the small scope, where you came from and what is easier to cater. Like your local search results, because it is local and you belong to that place it’s easier to go through it so you can rank higher. But before your rank in local search increases, there are factors that affect it as well as international search. In this blog, I will share 8 Local Search Ranking Factors that you need to consider to rank on top of local search results.

1. Content

One of the ranking factors affecting the speed of a site’s ranking is its content. Your content must be accurate and precise, so it is easy for the users to find the information they are looking for on your site. When they find the information you provided very helpful, they would go back again when they need another one. Your content should not also be too long; it should be exact to the point, so the users understand what you want to say. It should be also relevant and relatable locally. The trend in your content should be where your local users can relate because they are your target market. When users like the content you have, they will go back again and again to your site driving more traffic that may increase your rank in local search results.

2. Citations from Relevant Websites

The more sites who use your page as a citation or supporting detail in their content relevant to you, it will build more trust in your potential customers.

They may think that other websites are taking you to act as their citation because you have very good content. If users are interested in these sites from what you have, they can click your link in the citation part of the page. These users will visit your site, and they will be counted as your users too.

3. Customer Behavior

You also need to be familiar with how people interact with your website and what common activity they engage in. Once you know what activities your customers usually do, you can add more activities like those. This will allow them to use your site more frequently. The more users who subscribe and use your site, the higher the chance that your site will rank up in search results.

4. Inbound Links

These are links from other sites going to your site. It is a simple kind of promotion to you. Especially when a lot of customers trust the website that promotes you. Customers can easily trust you too. The more inbound links you are connected, the more authoritative you will be on local search, resulting in increased rank in local search.


5. Customer Reviews

Most online customers rely on online reviews because they think they are based on honest feedback from those who already have your product or services. So, the more positive feedback you have, the easier it will be to attract more potential customers. So, you should encourage your customers to give you their feedback, to give your potential customers an idea about your products and services. It can also help you to improve some issues your customers see on your site and you can easily fix it.

6. Optimized Google My Business

It is one of the most important factors needed for ranking up. The details should be complete and accurate because most of the sites that Google ranked at the top are those with complete information submitted to them because they want to provide the best experience for their users. The more complete and accurate your site is, the better chance they will rank you at the top of the local search result.

7. Load Speed

One of the factors to consider ranking in local search is the load speed of a page. The search engine wants to provide the best for their users, so the faster your page load speeds, the faster you can give your customer service and the better you serve them. So, you should check to see if your site is running fast with all gadgets for quicker ranking.

8. Social Media Platforms

It has no direct effect on your site’s ranking, but it helps for more visibility and better online engagement. The more people know the business and your site, the more likely it is for your customers to visit you and that will result in your site being ranked up.