How to Show Up in a “Near Me” Search?

 If you want your business to have more customers, you might want to consider knowing how to show up in “near me” searches. Why? Because “near me” searches are typically the most preferred by customers. Aside from that, Google automatically shows possible results that are in the nearest place possible from the customer’s IP Address. If you just search for a coffee shop, as you type it, you will see the first search suggestion from Google includes the “near me” phrase. 

According to Think With Google, last 2016, 76% of those who search about something nearby using their smartphones have visited related businesses, and 28% really purchased. In 2019, Think With Google also stated that “60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results (e.g., “click to call” option).”. Now, do you see its essence?

Here’s how to have a bigger chance of showing up on “Near Me” searches:

1. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

This would be your greatest asset. Aside from it’s from Google, it would ask for your business information, including your business’s whereabouts. This would link your business location on Google Maps, Google Earth, and more! If your business is searched, you will see a box on the right showing all available information from you. So, make sure you complete its requirements. 

Never forget to provide your NAP- name, address, and phone number. These three are typically the key. Your name already reflects what your business is about, your address would tell them where you are located, and your phone number will help them contact you immediately. Also, include your business’s schedule of operation. This will let them know immediately when your business is available, and if you’re lucky, where they could come.

Aside from that, provide a business description. You can keep it concise, but make sure it holds all important information that will keep potential customers interested. Also, include photos and videos, these two will also be seen when your business is searched. Make it look appealing. 

Reviews would be good too. This will boost the customer’s trust in you. Keep your business information updated. It will help them see how active your business is. 

2. List Your Business in Local Directories

Local Directories will improve your business’s chance of showing up on “Near ME” searches. Aside from Google My Business, there are a lot more! They would help you rank up and be on the first page of “near me” searches within your area. If you aren’t the first one to be the result, don’t lose hope. When you’re listed on local directories, there’s a high chance that you will be included in their lists of “top 10s” or “Best Of” around your cities. So, don’t let the opportunity go away. Grab it and list as many directories as possible! 

To see the most compatible local directory for you, click this.

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3. Keep Business Information Consistent

To give Google better and accurate information, keep all your information on different sites consistent. This will help them know where your business truly is. Aside from these, they will acknowledge you more, if your business is listed in different sites and yet have the same and exact address. 

4. Post Photos That Tell You Location

You can do this not just by describing where the photo is. To help Google, including the location on the file name and alt tags. You won’t be just telling your potential customers where you are but also Google. 

5. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-friendly

All of these will become non-sense if your website is not mobile-friendly. Lots of people use their mobile phones to search, and if your website is not mobile-friendly, you won’t get considered, even by Google. Why? Google prefers websites that are mobile-friendly because they are more flexible than those who are only available on desktop mode. 

6. Acquire Location-related Backlinks

Backlinks are links that are connected between you and other websites. This would help you if you have backlinks with other local websites. In this way, Google will see your location more credible. Asking influencers in the same industry with your business would help too. Especially if their anchor text includes your business’s location. 

Do all of these and in the next “near me” search near you, you might be the first result to come up!