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“The Universe is always expanding, always progressing forward into the unknown, take its example, either take action and move forward, or let it pass you by”

Wrenn Taylor

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How the process works.. 

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1. Meeting

We have an initial meeting or phone call to discuss if you and your business is someone we want to do business with (We are selective in order to deliver quality work for a client)

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2. Acceptance

After you are accepted, we go into more indepth detail on design, approach, and further action we must take together. At this point we are moving forward with a payment

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3. Design

Now we are designing your site, we fill your site full of On-site SEO content and make a mobile optimized website for you that appeals to the eye!

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4. Build

Building your site’s authority is no easy task. That is the build process, we build off-site SEO linking networks to get your site ranked fast to the top of Google, and build a Facebook Ad campaign for a kickstart

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5. Approval

At this point we are ready for launch, just need to make sure you like what you see, if not we make changes as necessary

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6. Launch

Take off into a whole new world! Now the fun begins as we shape your success. Can you imagine what getting all the customers in your field to call YOU first would feel like?

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What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and what this means is that we optimize your website to be able to be found in the google search engine. Most mistakes I have noticed that companies make is that they try to rank their website for their company name. Lets say someone came to your town of Summerville and has no idea who you are, then they would be searching for what your company does, not you directly! That’s where SEO comes into play. We optimize your site so no matter if you’re located in North Charleston, Goose Creek, or right in the heart of Charleston itself; We can rank you to the top of google for what your business does in this area!

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Is SEO Your Main Focus?

SEO is King, but it isn’t our only way to get you in front of clients. You may have seen one of our facebook ads and that is a technique we use! Ultimately, SEO is our main objective in establishing your authority, to be the in the top spots of google for what you do, ANYWHERE you’re located. In the Low country this can be Summerville, North Charleston, Charleston, Goose Creek, Ladson, Moncks Corner exc..

TOP 12 Questions

Questions provided by John Otterbein @ 

How can you measure your customer experience?

At our SEO Summerville SC based headquarters, “My personal Marketer” is exactly the way it sounds! We are personable and without a doubt in our minds will provide excellent care for our customers just like we know you take care of yours. Our SEO strategies can be measured and likewise we can monitor the calls to guarantee we are not only watching our backs and knowing who is calling, but to see if you are answering your customers calls, and if so if you are converting those potential clients into customers!

Are your customers aware of all of the features, products, and services that you offer?

The fact is that there are a ton of advertising agencies in Summerville sc and sadly, they aren’t as transparent with the what is going on behind the scenes as much as they should be! If a carpenter came to my home and was about to open up my kitchen, they would be transparent about the process! I am paying the company to do the work with the experience they have, not because I don’t think I couldn’t do it myself, but the fact is that I don’t have the time to do so. In short, yes, we allow clients to see EVERYTHING that goes on. Communication is key in life.

What separates your company from others?

Like the title says, we are your personal marketers. We don’t take that lightly. SEO is not an all to be all with us. We want your success, because we succeed when you succeed. That’s how we do business. Our skills and techniques on getting you clients and ultimately growing your business are apparent in our methodology in which you can see first-hand. Not only do we focus on educating you about SEO and how it works; we SHOW YOU HOW to do SEO for YOURSELF! We aren’t afraid to give you that information about as much as a plumber wouldn’t be afraid to explain how he is going to install the piping for a potential customer, it’s not like you are going to run off and be our next competitor in SEO. Since we can fully explain the process and you can see where all the work and labor comes into play, you will see the full value of what you pay for and why SEO works the way it does.

How does your pricing work?

Pricing is based on your needs. If you are in Summerville South Carolina, a smaller city, then you may need a smaller package which will put you on the front page. In contrast if you are in the heart of Charleston SC and competition is everywhere then SEO and marketing will go up on the price package. Ultimately you could pay for the same price as the small city package, but why would you waste time when you could just throw a few more dollars at something and get what you really want  a lot sooner. And like we talked about before, SEO is not our only method of attracting clients. We use the initial startup package to create targeted FB ads to generate revenue initially while SEO kicks in.

Who are some of your previous clients?

Even though we are a Summerville SEO company, we have worked with a lot of clients outside of South Carolina. Example of our bigger clients would be dignity funeral homes and west coast trucking. A few smaller clients would be Diamond landscaping and A Carpet Doctor both located in Colorado. Even though we have many success stories, ultimately we want YOUR success story. 

Will they work with me to set and achieve my goals?

Of course, our Summerville SEO firm loves to set up personal meetings with at least an hour to go over everything from your goals to how we are going to make it happen! Success doesn’t happen without action behind it! We are ready to put your business on the digital map!

How do you measure success?

Success is an interesting concept. Our lead client manager of our SEO Summerville agency, Wrenn, puts it this way “Every day you wake up is a successful day, it’s another chance to create positive relationships with people around you, including yourself and your business; when you are happy doing what you do, and people even pay you for that happiness, you are then truly living a successful life.”

the short answer is, in retrospect, just seeing you as the client achieve his/her goals originally set and going beyond those set goals.

How has SEO evolved over the years?

Over the years as Google became the prominent source for searching and crawling through the internet to bring you relevant websites with information concerning your search, it has also constantly improved its algorithm and since people abuse a weak spot, Google has tightened up making it a lot harder to rank and stay #1 on Google. It is a constant update that we are performing. What works now may be not such a good strategy 6 months from now. The fact is that we are in a constant process trying to establish trust with Google. Anyone says otherwise is lying. There are plenty of marketing agencies Summerville SC who will promise you what you want to hear to get your business, make sure you aren’t being naive.


When will results start to show up?

Like we already said, don’t be naive. This process can take anywhere from 3 months (Great timing) – 6 months (average timing) to see progress and results. It’s like establishing trust with a stranger you just met, it takes time, and if other people talk about this “stranger” and how they trust them, then that helps you get to trust this “stranger” faster. Plenty of Marketing firms Summerville SC will promise you what you want to hear, once again if they don’t say 3 – 6 months then they are plain lying. run away quick!

If your marketing agency could employ one SEO tactic, what would it be?

Google has been making updates daily since its existence, (just take a look at these SEO updates) since there really isn’t just ONE tactic that makes it work. It’s like the gears of a watch, take one away and you can’t tell the time! Same concept. Doing digital marketing charleston sc has taught us that SEO is a process of many inner working pieces coming together as one.

Lets look at how SEO works synonymously

  1. Content 
    Your on-site SEO as we call it, has to be thorough and well thought out. If Google thinks you are a great source of information for the search term the user is looking up then Google may want to use you! But content alone is not enough! Remember targeted content is what we are writing throughout your pages. this means we look at keywords that actually matter and will provide conversion traffic, in other words, traffic that is actually looking for what you provide.  
  2. Backlinks
    These are what we call off-site SEO where we link your website from other websites! However these links are not created equally as we discuss later. It’s all about trust. Not only do we have to make sure you have the awesome content, we have to get other sites to say “yes we trust this source of information” Which leads us into our next topic
  3. Security
    This is essential, did you you know there were 3 layers of security on a website?
    – first, there is your encryption key, is your site encrypted with a specific passcode letting the site know it’s your site specifically?
    -second, your data integrity, is your data and the data of users safe on your site? Or is there a possible crack?
    -and thirdly, authenticy, are you protected for direct attacks?
  4. Compatibility 
    Essential for being user compatible, Google is way smarter now with a lot of updates under its belt. Making a mobile friendly site is essential to maintaining a successful ranking position. This also includes images up to date and content padding. Dead links on your site is also a big compatibility error.
  5. Page Speed
    How long does it take for your page to load? This sort of ties back to compatibility, if it takes 20 seconds to load a page then you are considered out-dated and it will put a damper on your overall rank.

    These are just some of the major parts to making sure your SEO is done correctly, so there is no one single method that works without the others!

What role will backlinks play in campaign success?

Backlinks are a major part to this process. A backlink, in short, is a “link back” from another site The only way to truly establish that trust quick enough and efficiently is with high quality backlinks, but the word backlink is a dual blade, you can have a bunch of backlinks from sites that have nothing to do with you and then you are ranking for birthday cakes when you subcontract a construction business! While some Summerville Marketing businesses might say “hey look at all the traffic you got” reality is that those “customers” were looking for birthday cakes. So it is imperative to do backlinking, but also correctly. 

What separates a mediocre backlink from a high quality one?

Like we discussed earlier. Backlinks are measured by many different aspects, was it anchored correctly? Did the backlink come from a relevant site? Was the authority of the backlink low or high? Was it an image or a text hyperlink? We litterally could go on and on down the rabbit hole of information. Understanding these aspects and qualities is what makes us the best at South Carolina SEO hands down.