Why is this Business with Nothing Ranking Above Me?

Completing Google My Business’s required information is a big step to boost your ranking in Google. Filling up all the required information, posting regularly, and engaging with the audience is just one of the few steps to make your rank higher. This is a great advantage against competitors. But what if someone that you think is less than you actually rank higher than you on Google? This mystery has several possible explanations. And I’m going to elaborate it to you in hopes that you will be able to put a solution to it and outrank them later on.

1. Stronger in Online Assets.

Even though completing your Google My Business is a big factor to rank high, there are a LOT of other things you should enhance too. SEO is more than just that. This includes your website, directory listing, and even social media profiles contribute to weigh your rank in Google. So, you better look out and check if you have all of these because even though some business looks incomplete and incompetent, they might have stronger assets than you.

2. Better Links to Website

Backlinks are also a great contribution since Google considers it as a ranking factor. Backlinks are links to your website from other trusted and credible sites. But remember this is more likely because they have a better-quality link than yours. So, don’t impulsively look for just backlinks. Quality over quantity.

3. Been Around Longer

Maybe the site that ranks higher than you have been around longer than yours. Being around longer is an advantage since it means that Google has a longer time to accumulate the site. Google will more likely choose an old website that has weaker assets but no issues for a long time than a new time. But don’t worry too much. As time pass by, Google will later consider your site as trustworthy and credible as long as you work hard and put strong information and other assets to your website and business.

4. More Keywords in Business Name

Keywords help Google have a hint of what a business or website is about. Providing keywords on the title, website name, business name, and/or on the main content will make Google see how relevant your business is to a searcher. If your competitors have done this, then it’s no doubt that they are able to outrank you.

5. Higher Click-Through Rate

This instance can happen if their business seems more relevant than yours and/or they receive better reviews than you. If Google sees both of these, it’s not impossible for Google to include that those websites should get higher ranks.

6. Landing Page URL with Better Link Profile

Using a subpage or subdomain on your site as your landing page on Google My Business will do you no good. It’s the best choice to choose your homepage as your landing page for better recognition.

7. Reviews with Relevant Keywords

If they get reviews that contain keywords relevant to your industry, it’s a big chance for them to rank higher. This is because getting those keywords can result in getting Google to consider your site more relevant than others, thus, increasing your rank in search results.

8. Proximity

 The IP address of searchers can be detected by Google. This means that even though a searcher doesn’t look for a local or closer store around them, there’s a big chance that Google will automatically show the closest store around the searcher.